Culinex Design 360

Culinex design department can provide 360-degree Revit drawings of your kitchen or facility.Our design staff will partner with the design team to develop drawings to be used for review, pricing and construction. Our Revit program allows us to view the project from any angle or prospective.360 degrees also means that Culinex is with you from start to finish.From the concept or idea to turning the key to on the front doors of your facility.It is our design teams’ goal to bring your dreams to reality.

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Design 360 Process

  • Step 1: 10 Degrees, Idea Stage

    The is our pre-design and programming phase.We work with you and your team to get your ideas of what you are looking to develop.We then look at space needs, equipment needed to support your outline and come up with preliminary equipment costs to determine if the project is workable.

  • Schematic Design Phase.We take the information from the idea stage and start making a map or block plan for how the spaces and services relate to each other.The shape of the project might be formed by an existing building or lease space.And/or based on the outlines given to us from you and/or design team.

  • Here we take the information from STEP’s 1 and 2 and start working on hardline drawings in our Revit system.This will now bring depth to the project and create a list of equipment items to allow us to take a hard look at costs.

  • Culinex will again take the information from Step 3 forward into final drawings documents.We will provide a complete construction outline needed to support the equipment needs for the project.This will include Equipment Floor Plan and Schedule, Special Conditions Plan, Plumbing, Hood and Electrical rough-in plans for the trades.Culinex will work with your architect, engineers and/or trades to coordinate aspects of the project.

  • Under most jurisdictions the building permit is pulled by the Architect and/or building contractor however the food handles licenses is an Owner permit.The Health Dept review is also the first step in getting the food handles licenses.Culinex will provide the needed equipment information for the Health Dept to review the operation plans and provide a letter of review allowing the facility to start construction.This is required along with the building permit, plumbing and heating permit and electrical permit.

  • Culinex will assist in the purchasing of the equipment for your project.We have an estimating department along with trained sales staff to assist you in the purchasing of the equipment and/or furniture needed for your project.

  • When Culinex provides the equipment for the project we will assign a project manager to work with your building or general contractor to oversee the project.Our PM will verify conditions to get final field dimensions.They will work with the building PM to coordinate an installation schedule as well as trades to verify services and locations.

  • Once the facility has been built the process of commissioning needs to take place.This phase is to verify that all the design standards have been met and that systems are tested to function with each other.Today’s building requires more tech then ever and to get the best use hood systems, fire systems, electrical services, plumbing and gas services all need to be inspected and tested to verify operation.The Health Dept will require a final walk through to verify code limits have been met, temperatures on all cold holding areas are proper and that all cooking and hot holding units are operating properly prior to giving final approval to open for business.

  • Culinex and our manufacturer reps have experienced partners available to provide onsite training in the operation of the equipment provided on your project.We have several manufacturers that will provide extended onsite training.

  • Culinex will provide final documents with notes, shop drawings along with operation manuals for the equipment provided for your project.You are to keep this information on hand to be used for training your staff and to call in case equipment service is needed.We will provide contact information for authorized service agents and sub-contractors that provided services for your project.

  • Culinex will be accessible during the opening of your facility to assist with any questions and/or equipment service items.